John Hasnip - Musician

A style so immeasurable that nobodies bothered to measure it !
         John Hasnip - The Internet Presence!
                  Thank you for checking out this darn, tooting Website !
I hope it will be full of all that good stuff, Gig Schedule, Pictures, Video's, future Music Release's, information you can never un-read !
 If you have any questions, feel free to message me !

The place to check out, whats new and happening...
                        I really do make plans....

The Home page is something I am going to be keeping up dated as much as possible.
Maybe with a weekly gig section....
News about my own originals, believe it or not, I do write some and even record some,
it is with genuine hope that I will one day release them, once I have taken me out of the equation. I think I am holding me back !

I've had problems before with websites. I build them, and for some reason, I am, after a week or two, unable to access and update the damn things!

​I'm hoping this time, everything's going to be alright....

                 What gigging means to me....

I promise to always give 100% to every gig, play from the heart and speak from the soul. Or is that, play from the soul and speak from the heart? Is 100% realistic ?
I'll let you know on the night! Maybe.... :-D
We are all in it together so lets have some fun, laugh, sing and be good to each other.

                     The John Hasnip Bio....

I was Born in 1970, I still talk about it to this day...
I played my first guitar at 6, my second was about 8.30.
Both times are said to be excellent times to play guitar, by me. I have played all over the world and in Yeovil too.
​I still talk about it to this day....

The End.
 The John Hasnip Introduction
Available for voice over work....
What could be more personal than a personal introduction, personally done by me in person!
Blah blah blah, 3 chords and a couple of tunes, you know it makes sense!


The Many Faces of John Hasnip
1. Happy , With a Beer
2.Cheeky, with a Beer
3.Fully Professional, Beer in waiting......

     Friday night at Andy's
                   The Old Port, Portland,Maine
I always love playing Andy's in Portland. The clientele are always up for a good tune or two, the staff are brilliant and i feel very lucky to get invited back for a monthly gig,if you are in Portland, Andy's is a must !

 Top Video = Just Like Heaven - The Cure

 Bottom Video = i knew the bride when she use to Rock and roll - Rockpile

Andy's, 94 Commercial Street, Portland, always an excellent time !
  Celluloid Fun with          John Hasnip !
Video Killed the Radio Star - He had it coming!
Going Anti Clockwise we have....
Small Town - John Mellencamp
Outside my Door - John Hasnip
Is she really going out with him - Joe Jackson